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Til Gol Papdi n Til Ladoo Combo - Mittikerang
Til Gol Papdi n Til Ladoo Combo - Mittikerang

Til (Sesame) Ladoos

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Venture Name: Sahrudaya


‘Eat til and gur and speak sweet’

Til Ladoo: 500 gms 

A thin circle-shaped chikki made from 100% unpolished sesame and 100% chemical-free jaggery is a delight in winter.

Crunchy and not hard. Can be enjoyed by all age groups. Customization available, one can ask for the addition of pure ghee in the products.

Sesame or til provides warmth to the body, Gur, or jaggery is the perfect sugar replacement. Sesame seeds also strengthen bones, boost hair quality, control blood sugar and keep skin healthy, as they are loaded with protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Jaggery, on the other hand, activates digestive enzymes which makes the process easier. It is rich in iron which purifies blood, while minerals like zinc and selenium prevent early aging. The combination of Til and Gur also boosts immunity and guards the body against seasonal infections.

This Sankranti Boost yourself with farm-fresh sesame ladoo and chikki.

Women Entrepreneur: Kalyani Chavali

"What inspired me to start this venture is my love for my grandmom's food which is both tasty and fulfilling.

I had been working in this village near Pune as a Research Intern during my college days. My topic then was Vitamin D. While doing a literature survey, I realized that the food that we consume is the ultimate cure for all our problems.


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