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Terracotta candle light ( 2 candles) terremaati
Terracotta candle light ( 2 candles) terremaati
Terracotta candle light ( 2 candles) terremaati
Terracotta candle light ( 2 candles) terremaati
Terracotta candle light ( 2 candles) terremaati
Terracotta candle light ( 2 candles) terremaati

Terracotta Candle Light ( 2 candles)

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Venture Name- Terremaati

About the Product-

The modern lifestyle has already created piles of cheap plastic products that somehow found their way to your home. Have you ever thought about their future implications? Well, we know that you have already made thoughtful decisions about what you purchase in your everyday life and that’s why you came here searching for sustainable products. Great! We believe that a Sustainable Lifestyle is not a luxury rather it has been there in our tradition for ages and “Pottery” is its live example. Together with the supremely talented potters of the Rajasthan & U.P. region, we have created aesthetic-looking Terracotta Products that bring an earthy tone & fragrance inside the house; thereby make the entire environment natural, serene and appealing. You will find yourself more in touch with Mother Earth after keeping these pleasant products in your office, kitchen, bathroom, or living room. These are 100% natural, non-toxic, unglazed, recyclable, and environment-friendly. After all who doesn’t love Mitti Di khushboo ( Fragrance of Soil)!

Why Terracotta Candlelight?

Candles have the ultimate power to transform the ambience of literally any space and when it teams up with Terracotta then it adds beauty, charm, warmth & uniqueness. It is a true value for money as when the candle is burnt, it can be used as a tea-light holder. It is definitely a statement piece that completely blends with every interior. To instantly lift your mood, we have infused the candles with Lavender & Rosemary extracts whose authentic aroma and therapeutic nature releases all the stress in a minute; leaving a happy you behind. What could be a better extra-ordinary, empowering, and eco-friendly gift than this during the upcoming festive season!

Why Choose Us?

All the products are exclusively handcrafted by our “Skillful Potters” who deserve due recognition and remuneration for their artistic work. They do not use modern machines, rather they use moulds to show their love and passion for Pottery in every product. There might be some irregularities in the shape and colour of the products as these are completely handmade, and believe us, it imparts uniqueness to them. So shop sustainably and buy it without any further delay. 

How did Terremaati come into existence?

Terremaati is not just an enterprise, it is the love of two best friends for “Pottery”. Richa and Irum were able to see what others usually ignore i.e. the hardships of Potters. How these skilled Potters were not getting enough money due to a lack of demand for traditional terracotta products compelled them to start this venture. Under the burden of so-called Modernity, our traditional & sustainable art forms are dying and artists are forced to choose other sources of income for their survival. Cheap plastic products are making the scene worse. Another issue was that the Potters were unaware of changing market and did not diversify their designs. That’s when Terremaati came into existence. We introduced the concept of contemporary designs and now throughout the year, you will find them busy making new products that are bound to catch your heart. We have pledged to provide a good market for their artworks and let Terracotta reach every household again. On our Mission to Heal the Earth through this Piece of Earth!

Cleaning Instructions-

Use a mild soap for cleaning Terracotta Products and air-dry them before storing as it can absorb moisture. Do not leave soap for a longer time. Handle with care.


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