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Rosemary Scented Diya
Rosemary Scented Diya
Rosemary Scented Diya

Rosemary Scented Diya

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Venture Name- Terremaati

Women Entrepreneur- Ms. Richa

Product Information- Rosemary Scented Diya

About the Product- Semi-circle terracotta container filled with scented aromatic wax, with a carved lid that allows the scent to fill in the air. 

Why Scented Candle?

With this coming festive season, what better than having a candlelight dinner and having the aroma of rosemary in the air making it even more romantic.  

Lighting the home with the aroma of rosemary itself gives a festive feel. On the occasion of Diwali, light your home with these candles and celebrate this festival differently this time. 

Why choose us?

All the products are exclusively handcrafted by our “Skillful Potters” who deserve due recognition and remuneration for their artistic work. They do not use molds, it’s their hands that move magically on clay reflecting their love and passion for Pottery in every product. There might be some irregularities in the shape and color of the products as they are completely handmade, and believe us, it imparts uniqueness. So, shop sustainably and buy it without any further delay. 

How did Terremaati come into existence?

Terremaati is not just an enterprise, it is the love of two best friends for “Pottery”. Richa and Irum were able to see what others usually ignore i.e. the hardships of Potters. How these skilled Potters were not getting enough money due to a lack of demand for traditional terracotta products compelled them to start this venture.  Under the burden of so-called Modernity, our traditional & sustainable art forms are dying and artists are forced to choose other sources of income for their survival. Cheap plastic products are making the scene worse. Another issue was that the Potters were unaware of the changing market and did not diversify their designs. That’s when Terremaati came into existence. We introduced the concept of contemporary designs and now throughout the year, you will find them busy making new products that are bound to catch your heart. We have pledged to provide a good market for their artworks and let Terracotta reach every household again. On our Mission to Heal the Earth through the power of Terracotta!

Cleaning Instructions- It can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.

Additional Information-

It can be reused either as Diya or Planter

Can also be gifted to dear ones.

All our designs created keeping our customers in mind

Perfect for romantic and tiring nights

Pre-filled wax

No smoke to Pollute the houses & Well Designed to Attract Anyone

Eco-friendly Terracotta containers and the wax used in candles are produced in a manner that is mindful of our environment, It is biodegradable. Our candles are less toxic when compared to other wax.

Scents- Rosemary


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