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Pure Neem and Tulsi Hair Oil oil PUREBIT

Pure Neem and Tulsi Hair Oil oil

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Venture Name: PUREBIT


One-stop solution for all your hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, Frizzy hair and itchy scalp to give you soft, smooth, healthy, shiny manageable and strong hair.

Reasons why people should buy PUREBIT'S NEEM TULSI OIL

Loaded with several natural benefits it helps solve more than 90% of your scalp and hair issues except for those issues that need medical attention. It is a pocket-friendly product for healthy and beautiful hair. Not only does it solve all hair-related issues, but it even prevents any further problems.

● It will condition your scalp without causing build-up.

● It will promote healthy hair growth

● It will smooth those frazzled and frizzy hair.

● With time you will surely notice fewer greys than before.

● It will reduce dandruff for sure.

● It will even treat head lice.

Weight: 90 ml

MATERIAL USED: Neem, Tulsi, rice,fenugreek seeds, ginger, flax seeds ,Trigonella foenum, Essential oils, coconut oil,castor oil, mustard oil,vitamin E oil, emo green

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: Length 5" bottom diameter 1-1/4 inch.


Meet SIMRAN PANJABI. A mother of 2 supporting sons, and wife to a loving husband.

What does it take to run a small beauty and hair care business from home?

An aromatherapist, Beauty Consultant and Founder of a beauty and hair care company called PUREBIT.

I am an ardent believer that natural ingredients make the best beauty products. On this belief, I started making products for myself and my near and dear ones, and it's the result that everyone experienced, encouraged me to make more and more products and form a company.

Beauty, I believe is always a perfect combination of what you apply on the exterior and what you consume or eat!! 

Hence, at the PUREBIT we concentrate on both!!

We have a very wide range of products for application as well as consumption, and the results achieved when both are used simultaneously have been phenomenal. 

Aromatherapy is a treatment that involves the usage of natural essential oils through various methods that heals the person naturally.

The testimonials given by clients speak for themselves. 

Every product at Simran's PUREBIT is chemical-free and is tried and tested before being launched.


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