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Pack of 4 kids combo. - tooty frooty, kids butter, milk honey, toy soap Suvidhi Enterprises

Moisturizing Handmade Kids Bathing Soap Combo- tooty-frooty, kids butter, milk-honey, toy soap

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Venture Name- Suvidhi Enterprises

Suvidhi Enterprises is dedicated to providing maximum employment to the working women in its area of operation, during and after the Pandemic. It is meticulously working to produce affordable herbal skin-care products without compromising on quality.

Product Information-

Moisturize and beautify your kid’s skin by choosing our range of handmade soaps crafted with sheer love; no harmful chemicals. Our absolutely pure, homemade, and herbal soaps are just made to pamper your kid’s delicate skin. We are passionate about making genuine and natural skin-care products for our beloved family as we know that only NATURE can NOURISH your precious skin. Let’s Unbox the Power of Nature! 

These soaps are made with natural ingredients to save your skin from the harshness of chemical-based personal care products that are currently flooding the market. Suvidhi Enterprises is dedicated to using its expertise in manufacturing premium herbal soaps to give your skin “the pleasure of rejuvenation”

  • Tooty-Frooty Soap-

Does your Child hate bath time? We know how to make your child fall in love with Bathing. Our uniquely designed tooty-frooty soap is enriched with the goodness of Goat’s Milk that is apt to tickle your cutie pie’s skin and mood. Goat’s Milk is rich in fatty acids & cholesterol that are essential for healthy skin. In fact, it improves a healthy skin microbiome. It contains Vitamin C that rebuilds the cells and a powerful antioxidant- Vitamin E that fights premature aging & brightens the complexion.

  • Kid’s Butter Soap-

Our cuddly Butter Soap is infused with the premium qualities of Shea Butter. Shea Butter is the ‘The Gift of Nature’. It has been used in skin-care traditions for ages. And we have promised ourselves to take it forward. It is a perfect ingredient for healthy skin. Its gentle nature makes it a perfect fit for sensitive skin. It contains Vitamin A that rebuilds the cells and a powerful antioxidant- Vitamin E. It lightens the scars, prevents wrinkles, resists eczema & dermatitis. Your kid’s skin will not feel greasy after applying shea butter soap as it does not leave any oily residue after absorption.  

  • Milk & Honey Soap-

Our Milk & Honey soap is not just a soap rather a formula for healthy & glowing skin. Infused with the goodness of milk and honey, this soap gives you a refreshment that lasts the whole day. Honey is suitable for all skin types especially for people with dry skin; this is a match made in heaven as it softens the skin, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, improves skin tone, keeps the skin hydrated, fights ageing, and acts as a super-cleanser. Honey being an excellent humectant seals the moisture in the skin. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it repairs the sun damage in no time leaving everlasting radiance. Whereas, Milk is full of natural ingredients that are proven to repair the skin. From inside to outside, it gives your skin full protection. It nourishes every cell from deep within and improves skin tone. It replenishes the dead skin cells and enhances the skin radiance.

  • Toy Soap-

It is specially made to attract kids and making their bathing experience memorable and playful. Our cuddly Toy Soap is infused with the premium qualities of Shea Butter that will protect your kid’s gentle skin. 

Reasons to Buy From Us-

All the ingredients used in our products are handpicked. We just do not mix these ingredients, rather we add a pinch of our love and passion for healthy skin in every product. From mixing to packaging, each and every process is done by hand to deliver the purest products because your delicate skin deserves the best of everything. So without any further delay buy this combo and give your skin a healthy and herbal skin-care routine! 


Suvidhi Enterprises emerged in the tough time of Pandemic as a mission to provide livelihood opportunities to indigent women by a woman herself, whose resilience paved the way to success. She took a Montessori Teacher-Training Program but limited opportunities during the lockdown motivated her to start something of her own and help other women as well. Later she found her passion in soap-making and the rest is history. The enterprise is meticulously working to produce affordable herbal skin-care products without compromising on quality. And the products indeed speak for themselves as her customers are wholeheartedly appreciating the quality of her budget-friendly products. “Where there is a will, there is a way”- She is proud to carve her destiny; as an independent woman, a job creator, and a homemaker.


Individuals may be allergic to some of the other ingredients so a patch test is recommended.


As every product is handcrafted, there may be natural distinctions that are not product flaws. Such variations are intrinsic during the manufacturing of handmade products, leading to slight color changes and the size of the product.




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