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Saptadhanya Ladoo

Saptadhanya Ladoo

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Venture Name: Sahrudaya

Product Information: Saptadhanya Ladoo (Nutri 7)

Quantity: 500 gm

For all the women who face hormonal issues Nutri 7 is a great food supplement which is rich in millets, flax seeds and melon seeds. Its a sugar-free sweet made up of 100% jaggery and millets and seeds.

Includes: Bajri, Sesame, Flax seeds, Melon Seeds, Jaggery, Elaichi, Ghee

Women Entrepreneur: Kalyani Chavali

"What inspired me to start this venture is my love for my grandmom's food which is both tasty and fulfilling.

I had been working in this village near Pune as a Research Intern during my college days. My topic then was Vitamin D. While doing a literature survey, I realized that the food that we consume is the ultimate cure for all our problems.

Meanwhile, I was introduced to the local delicacies- Moringa Chikkis and Bajri Ladu which were so tasty!Flax Seeds and Moringa are essential foods in our diet. Earlier, people used to make chutneys and curries out of moringa daily. But nowadays, we hardly use it.

Moringa and Flax's Seeds have recently gained a lot of boost in the western countries due to their nutritional properties. Thinking about how can we revive our village foods, the recipes that our granny's own, and the healthy & tasty food products of our country, we started this venture.

We started in November last year(2020). We got reviews from our family & friends and modified the recipes accordingly. We removed the glucose liquid that is used in the commercial manufacturing of such products and replaced it with jaggery.

A month ago we collaborated with another village near Telangana and started a product line of two famous products: Gaarelu and Gavvalu. Gaarelu is a spicy cracker of rice flour, chana dal and peanuts. It's a fulfilling snack. We ensure that we do not reuse the oil for frying. Gavvalu is a great snack for kids as it is 100% made with wheat flour and jaggery. Enjoy these two amazing products from southern India!"


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