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lavender oil

lavender oil

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Our mind is the place where we spend most of our time. In today's, fast-paced life stress and anxiety have become a common part of life and leading to insomnia, panic attacks, and depression. Not everyone has access to psychotherapy and medicines in long run can have side effects. So is there any way out? Yes introducing you to lavender oil.

Why use our lavender oil?

lavender oil has been widely used in aromatherapy to help treat stress, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and insomnia and has also been validated by research. Our lavender oil is of high quality is certified by the manufacturers and has no side effects. Many hair care products are tested on animals like rabbits and mice however our product is completely vegan and no testing is done on animals.

How to use the lavender oil?

In case of insomnia take cotton and roll it into a ball and add two drops of lavender oil and keep it next to you before sleeping. Can be used with diffusers during meditation for relaxation.

Women entrepruner-Ananya Nayak

Venture -Greenstry

About the venture-Greenstry is a small business born with a vision to bring nature's goodness at its purest form to our customers for enhancing their wellness. We focus on bringing haircare and skincare products that are completely natural and free of harmful chemicals and do not have any side effects. We focus on enhancing the health and healing of skin and hair with our natural products, unlike the harsh chemical products that temporarily enhance the aesthetics of hair and skin leading to permanent damage to hair and skin health. We support the animal welfare initiative and none of our products are tested on animals and are completely vegan. We also contribute a part of our profit towards the education of children from the backward class of our society.


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    We bring you fresh handmade nutrition rich laddus in an individual pack at your doorsteps,in next 7-8 working days.

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    We have done food tasting of our products from govt lab to get the correct nutrition value of our products