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Venture Name- Ekam Jewels and Decor

Women Entrepreneur- Ms. Ekta Jain

 Product Information- Jasmine Incense Sticks

 Why this Product?

The main reason jasmine is so famous is its strong fragrance. People adore the flower for its strong, sweet smell. Jasmine, with its sweet scent, is known for enlightening one’s mood, alleviating stress, and also preventing infections. The scent of jasmine all around you will relieve your headache and relax your work muscle. Alongside, it also helps in increasing blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, and blood pressure thus leading to a healthy lifestyle. Start and unwind your day with a wonderful experience!!


Additional Information-

Package Dimensions: 15*10=150 (15 sticks per box and 10 box packing combo)

100% safe and Charcoal Free

You may use the sticks for prayers, yoga, meditation, mood upliftment, performing rituals, removing bad odor, to destress.


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  • Free Shipping & hassle free Refund

    Free shipping & hassle free refunds.You get 100% Refund if you are not haapy. No questions asked.

  • Freshly Made

    We bring you fresh handmade nutrition rich laddus in an individual pack at your doorsteps,in next 7-8 working days.

  • Nutritional Values

    We have done food tasting of our products from govt lab to get the correct nutrition value of our products