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FractoAid Splint
FractoAid Splint
FractoAid Splint
FractoAid Splint
FractoAid Splint
FractoAid Splint
FractoAid Splint

FractoAid Splint

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FractoAid is a simple yet impactful product to support the injured limb in just 5 minutes!

It is a patented, ready-to-use orthopedic splint for early and instant immobilization of fractured limbs in the golden hour.

FractoAid is an integrated pack of composite material enclosed in a unique liner with built-in straps for better securement. The outer layer is biocompatible, breathable and provides cushioning to patient


•      Stabilizes and restricts the movement of the injured limb

•      Reduces muscle pain and muscle spasm

•      Accommodates the muscle swelling

•      Prevents the chances of closed fracture becoming open

•      Prevents further limb or life-threatening injuries which could lead to lifelong disability or death


•      Fast: Quick setting time of 3 minutes

•      Easy application: 3-step application process DIP-SQUEEZE-WRAP

•      Clean application: Requires only water and creates no mess

•      Conformable: Adapts to the specific area of the patient’s bone extremity


•      DIP: Dip the splint completely in a minimum of 1.5 litres of clean tap water for 1 minute, gently press the splint 3-4 times while submerged till the water becomes milky

•      SQUEEZE: Squeeze the splint firmly from all edges and stretch to remove wrinkles

•      WRAP: Wrap the splint around the fractured limb and fasten with straps

•      Keep your limb still and in place for 3 minutes till it sets to speed hardening

FractoAid is available in Small (6-10 years), Medium (11-21 years) and Large (21+ years) for Upper limb and Lower limb

FractoAid is of utmost importance at places, where there are chances of fracture like first-aid kits, healthcare centers, paramedics, educational institutes, Defence forces, transport, sports academies, disaster management, industries, construction sites, outdoor adventure groups and many more. It will promote better & faster healing and prevent limb-threatening injuries and reduce the risk of permanent lifelong disabilities.

About Entrepreneur

Komal Sanas is a resilient entrepreneur and Co-Founder of MediAsha Technologies. She has completed her Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and has 4+ Years of experience in product development. She looks after various operations and secures the functionality of MediAsha. Komal was fascinated by medical device designing & development from college days and wanted to contribute to society in some way. She works to improve the fit, form, and function of the product.

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