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Eco-Friendly Neem Comb - Pack Of 3

Eco-Friendly Neem Comb - Pack Of 3

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Venture Name- Earthist Pvt Ltd

Earthist, has a very simple mission – 

‘Create sustainable alternatives for products that you already use’

and it is as easy as 1,2,3…!

1. Living sustainably without replacing everything in your house with bamboo and becoming a zero-waste warrior who lives in the extreme, but by simply looking at sustainable alternatives while buying anything. (You will be surprised that there are alternatives for almost anything!) and buying only what you really need, using what you have to the fullest, and reusing it creatively, while being mindful of the waste disposal. 

2. Buying / finding sustainable alternatives to what you want on or any other source of your choice and save yourself and your family from committing a crime against the planet; with every purchase at Earthist helping a tree being planted on your behalf.

3.  Finding your sustainability mantra i.e. - Your own reason for doing this!

Earthist follows this simple Mantra - ‘REDUCE. REUSE. RETHINK!’ and holds onto it as a constant compass and question that they wonder around!

Product Information -

Worried about hair fall? Did you know that plastic combs cause hair fall due to the production of static electricity? 

What if we tell you that switching your comb can fix all your problems?  


While many people are selective about the hair products they use, they frequently tend to overlook the basics. While most people use plastic combs because they are inexpensive and easily available, they stay unaware of the damage these combs cause to our hair.

The best way to prevent this is to switch to a wood comb. Wood combs have multiple benefits and are very good for your hair health. 


Switch to our beautifully handcrafted, static-free neem combs, that are completely eco-friendly and healthy for your hair 


Our sustainably grown neem wood combs have natural anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties which can prevent fungal growth on the comb and fix other hair issues like hairfall, dandruff and itching.

Each comb is 100 % natural and eco-friendly and helps in reducing frizz, promoting healthy hair

Equipped with wide-teeth, they facilitate easy detangling of hair and are gentle on the scalp

Use it like you would use a normal comb and once unusable compost it or send it to recycling.

Why wait? Grab your pack now !

Who is it suitable for - Suitable for all ages and hair-types

Weight - 

Dimensions - 6.5 inches (L) x 2.4 inches (W)

Why Choose Us?

·   We at Earthist, believe in the Sustainable Mantra - ‘REDUCE. REUSE. RETHINK!’, each of our products is handcrafted in a way that once unusable, it can be easily composted or sent for recycling.

·  Being an environment loving brand, we entitle every purchase made from us to plant a tree from your end, which not only facilitates take but also give to the environment thus creating a beautiful balance.

·   All of our products are 100% natural and eco-friendly.

·    Each of our orders is delivered in absolute plastic-free packaging

Women Entrepreneur- Prerna Bansal

Wish to know the story? – 

Prerna is a marketing post graduate from MICA who has worked for over 14 years with various companies like AMEX and IBM. Having had a tough childhood financially and health wise, she grew up in an area where pollution was at its peak, near a landfill, and barely had enough resources to move away. Having seen the harmful effects of hurting the planet first-hand, and a vision of helping people find sustainable alternatives to everything, she started Earthist. Her dream is to scale and build an ecosystem around sustainability where it becomes accessible and reasonably priced enough for it to be the first choice for everyone. Through Earthist, she envisions to enroute this thinking and many amazing products directly to the consumers.


As every product is handcrafted, there may be natural distinctions that are not product flaws. Such variations are intrinsic during the manufacturing of handmade products, leading to slight color changes and the size of the product. 

The texture of the product may change after sometime due to its herbal nature, it is totally safe to use. 







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    Free shipping & hassle free refunds.You get 100% Refund if you are not haapy. No questions asked.

  • Freshly Made

    We bring you fresh handmade nutrition rich laddus in an individual pack at your doorsteps,in next 7-8 working days.

  • Nutritional Values

    We have done food tasting of our products from govt lab to get the correct nutrition value of our products