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Dulu Matted Placemats Set of 6
Dulu Matted Placemats Set of 6

Dulu Matted Placemats Set of 6

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Brand: Connecting NER

Comes as a set of 6. The Dulu Matted Placemat is made with water hyacinth/water lily or as locally known as meteka. Assam is rich with this weed of a plant that only if tamed provides its utility or else meteka is seriously injurious to the aquatic life and its habitat on which it grows. The Connecting NER Dulu Placemats with its neutral colour and feather weight will suit just about any space you have for it. Whether you want to use it as a set for your dining table or as placemats to store your statues or artifacts around your house; add a little piece from north-east India to it. 

Handmade goods are made with time and care, these products being handmade will never look alike since the raw material that is used to make. Often times pictures also cannot reveal the precision of how the products really look. Regardless, once you hold our product in your hand you will see through the true value of the product and how it will add up so perfectly to your home or just about any space.

Dust the product every once in a while depending on while depending on where you live. Incase of spillage ensure to wipe with a wet cloth and air dry it.


Diameter: 14''

Women Entrepreneur:

CNER was founded with a vision to uplift centuries old crafts and skills by enabling the world to see it at its present time. It is a platform dedicated to the artisans of northeast India, whose flair has an innate beauty and simplicity of character, with innovation, design at its core. These artisanal pieces blend beautifully in spaces familiar to you and makes for a unique gift for a loved one too. Founded by two young women, the aim is not only explore our individual creative needs but to ensure the crafts of north-east India sustain in practise and name.


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