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Customised Birthday Combo

Customised Birthday Combo

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Venture name: Versatile Crafter

Product Information: Customisable Birthday Combo by Versatile Crafter

This Combo includes some perfect Fashion accessories that complement each and every look of a girl.

This Birthday Combo Includes

1) 3 Scrunchies- ( a circular band of fabric-covered elastic used for fastening the hair)

2) 1 Pair of Macrame Earrings- (Macrame earring is a form of textile-making where fibres or cords are knotted rather than woven or knitted together to make an earring.)

3) 1 Hairclip- (fastening device, typically ornamental, designed to hold a woman's hair in place.)

4) 1 Scarf

5) 1 Scarf Scrunchie- (A scarf scrunchie is a cross between a scarf and a scrunchie.)

6) Personalised Packaging and birthday notes/wishes.

WHY:  These fashion accessories (Scrunchies) are made from the fabrics collected from boutiques and fashion studios. These are upcycled into beautiful fashion accessories into different fabrics. They are suitable for all hair types. You can carry these accessories with every outfit and occasion.

BENEFIT: You should go for this combo because each fashion accessory goes best with every outfit. It elevates the whole look and gives it a lustrous effect. These fashion accessories have a very soft texture with high elasticity and are easy to carry. You are getting all the things in one place and it will be a box of happiness. It can bring a million-dollar smile to your special person's face. This will be a perfect birthday gift for any girl.

If you are someone who loves to wear fancy things then this is for you!

These scrunchies are made from assorted fabrics so the same colour and fabric might not be available again.

You can also add a personalised note for your loved ones in this combo.

Handmade with Love. Buy Local. Support Local.

CAUTION - These scrunchies are made from leftover fabric from our garment production. No two products will come in the same colour. We cannot promise that we can supply the same as the above pictures.

Women Entrepreneur - Vandana Bansal 


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