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Cold Pressed Almond Oil Body Care Twak Organics
Cold Pressed Almond Oil Body Care Twak Organics
Cold Pressed Almond Oil Body Care Twak Organics

Cold Pressed Almond Oil

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Venture Name: Twak Organics

Product Information: Twak Organics - Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Quantity: 50 ml

Includes: Sweet Almond Oil

Exp date: 6 months from the day of purchase

How to use:

  1. Night Serum
  2. Undereye Serum
  3. Hair Treatment Oil
  4. Mix 4-5 Drops in Warm Milk or Juice to Keep the Gut Strong and Cleansed
  5. Layer Under or On Makeup As a Highlighter

Before using, please do a patch test to check for allergies.

Women Entrepreneurs: Sarita Tulsyan Khemani and Somi Khemani (Mother and Daughter)

We have been using Almond Oil since more than a decade now. After moving out of the house I continued using them and realized the girls in my hostel really loved the products and kept asking for more. Back then I had no knowledge of starting a business, but this always stayed in the back of my mind that I have to do something about this. After working as a digital marketer for 3.5 years, the pandemic hit and I realized I have some extra time in my hand. So my mother, Sarita, and I, Somi, gave this a shot. We trademarked the brand name and did the initial mandates to start a small business. We also shared some samples of our products with a few close friends and they absolutely loved it.

We prepare all our products at home in small batches to keep them fresh. We bring all the ingredients, dry them at our terrace, and prepare the products using separate pieces of equipment meant only for this. Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals at all. We are trying every day to go as much plastic-free as we can. As we have just started, the finances are not permitting us to go 100% plastic-free but we are really working hard to improve and deliver what our product signifies which is "going back to the roots of Indian beauty".


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