Chandan Powder
Chandan Powder

Chandan Powder

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Venture Name: Pushpa Pooja Bhandar



Chandan powder for external use like Face pack, hair pack etc. 

Net wt- 25gm


Women Entrepreneur: Rashmee Ladole




With lockdown halting physical transactions, Pushpa’s daughter, Rashmee Ladole moved her mother’s business to the digital platform. Prospering throughout her years in the commercial market, Pushpa now has been tackling some health issues with constant reassurance from her daughter Rashmee, who’s been coordinating for the last couple of years with her husband by her side.


On asking Rashmee, “How they sustained their business during a lockdown?”, she answered, “For a couple of months it was really hard to survive but after that, we tried to sell our products on WhatsApp, then mouth publicity and some other small tie-up with temples,”.