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Combo - Chana Sattu & Jau By Small-Scale Women Farmers from the Village In Jharkhand.
Combo - Chana Sattu & Jau By Small-Scale Women Farmers from the Village In Jharkhand.

Combo - Chana Sattu & Jau By Small-Scale Women Farmers from the Village In Jharkhand.

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Combo - Combo - Chana Sattu And Jau ( Barley )  

Introducing healthy local delicacies & forgotten grains By Natural stone grinding processing. Farm to fork to healthier you.

Ingredients Used: Chakki Fresh Chana Sattu & Jau Sattu

Package Dimensions: 5x8 inches

Entrepreneur: Priyanka Jha & Ranjana Devi

Story: We are striving to make India healthy and empowered. We are working with small-scale farmers and women in villages to prepare our food products. With these healthy products, we want to make India healthier!

Description: One of Bihar's local and traditional food is Chana Sattu, also known as Roasted Gram Flour. Dry roasting of Bengal Gram keeps its natural nutritional value intact. Chana Sattu is a high protein, high fiber food that is beneficial for weight loss and for diabetic people as it contains a low glycemic index. 

Jau Sattu, also known as Barley Sattu, is very light and easily digestible. It quenches one’s thirst, cools the body, and gives instant energy, especially in the summer. Jau Sattu is excellent with a good source of natural fiber and carbohydrates. The entire family can consume it. It is made of roasted barley (jau); regular use of Jau Sattu will increase and boost energy, reduce weakness, stress, and bring a feeling of well-being.

How is the product created at Natureship? 

At Natureship, we ensure that our products are wholly pure & nutritious. The entire process of preparing Sattu is natural from cultivation to processing. Our farmers produce pesticide-free desi chana/gram so that it stays pristine. We use natural ingredients while preparing it and add nothing except freshly grounded Chana Sattu.

We use the traditional Stone Grinding technique to grind the ingredients. Benefits of Natural Stone Grinding Slow massaging process at cool temperature preserves all nutrients Releases natural oils & distributes them uniformly Results in low glycemic index & high fiber content Higher temperature at mills destroys most of the nutrients, which is preserved in traditional methods Benefits of Chana Sattu Chana Sattu is a natural product having several health benefits such as It decreases bloating, improves metabolism, and helps the body burn calories efficiently.

 It hydrates the body. It is beneficial in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It is helpful in increasing appetite. It has detoxifying power. It solves all stomach-related issues. It acts as an energy booster providing high protein and high fiber to the body. Rich in Nutrients Chana Sattu is highly rich in several nutrients, including Iron Fiber Magnesium Sodium Proteins Carbohydrates.

Uses of Chana Sattu Chana Sattu has several uses such as: Can be used as an energy drink Can be used in making healthy breakfast dishes Can be consumed for bodybuilding Can be used as a filling Chana Sattu Vs Whey Protein Chana Sattu has several advantages over Whey Protein such as - Whey Protein is not suitable for pregnant women, whereas everybody can consume Chana Sattu. Whey Protein is not suitable for Lactose intolerant people, whereas Sattu is ideal for any body type. Consumption of Whey Protein in large quantities can cause bloating and other digestive issues, while Chana Sattu causes no such problem. 


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