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Venture Name- Women Soldier

About the Product- 

Thanks to the phenomenal Bamboo, sustainable living is no more a luxury! Our affordable Bamboo Lifestyle Products perfectly satisfy your environment-friendly soul with their incredible strength and bio-degradable nature. Especially when compared to steel and wood, Bamboo is extremely lightweight yet durable. Undoubtedly, if we are living sustainably, Bamboo is the one-stop solution for all our needs. The best part is that these Bamboo Candle Jars are complemented by natural soy wax made from soybeans. Let’s do our bit in saving our environment!

Why Bamboo Candle Jar and Soy Wax?

Our life today is occupied with artificiality. As per research, it is better to switch to natural materials rather than sticking to cheaper artificial materials that can affect your health and the environment in the longer run.  

The Bamboo Candle Jars are handcrafted by our skillful artisans whose sheer love towards the mother earth constantly drives them to make such unique eco-friendly products. With 100% natural material, these candles burn cleaner, longer, and slower than traditional petroleum-based paraffin candles. Soy Wax carries an excellent fragrance, hence it does not need any chemical amplifier. A candle that lasts longer, is naturally scented, and produces less smoke is waiting to illuminate your house with its warm natural touch. Plus it is easy to clean them. The icing on the cake is-- they are renewable resources, so don’t worry, we will never be short of such extra-ordinary, economically viable, and eco-friendly products! What could be a better gift than this during the upcoming festive season! Keep spreading light, hope & love. Keep Shopping. 

Women Entrepreneur- Payal Damodarrao Bhojane

Eager to know how it started?

Not all heroes wear capes or uniforms, some of them wear what you are wearing right now! Commonly dressed Payal with an uncommon dedication towards Mother Earth is a “True Soldier” in every sense. She has always been curious about Nature since her childhood, that is why she spent most of her time observing and playing on the farms. No wonder that she found her calling in the lap of Nature. That’s when the Women Soldier emerged as an initiative to protect Mother Earth together with the Society. It is a milestone of taking one step towards keeping the Green Planet Green. They are dedicated to manufacturing sustainable & eco-friendly bamboo products and empowering women at the same time by providing them training and job opportunities to make them stand on their own feet; Creating Soldiers for Life!


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