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18 XXL Biobud Heavy Combo Pack (Wings) Handmade - Chemical-Free
18 XXL Biobud Heavy Combo Pack (Wings) Handmade - Chemical-Free
18 XXL Biobud Heavy Combo Pack (Wings) Handmade - Chemical-Free

18 XXL Biobud Heavy Combo Pack (Wings) Handmade - Chemical-Free

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Venture Name: Natura Hygiene Products

Product Details: 3 Eco Heavy pack (wings) with cotton core.

Length- 12 inches Width- 3.5 inches.

Worried about leakages at night? We got you covered with our Night pads Combo! Comes with FULL COVERAGE and lasts longer giving you a cushion feel. Each pad consists of herbal powder- Aloe vera, Tulsi, Neem.

Biobud pads are toxin-free, 80 % plastic free ingredients.

Material Used: Non-woven fabric, Cotton, Herbs- Aloe vera, Tulsi, Neem, Skin friendly non-toxic glue, Biodegradable paper.

Why the herbs?

We can read your mind, Unlike the conventional pads which are 100% plastic and loaded with toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances, Biobud pads uses herbs as an alternative to chemicals.

The herbs act as anti microbial agent and as cooling agent. Vaginal hygiene is very important and it has to breathe. When the medicine enters the vagina it cleans up the entire system and gives you a odour free period experience.

In the long run, you can experience reduced stomach aches and regulation of menstrual cycle happens.

What Impact you will create:

1. Personal hygiene- When your body is cleaned from chemicals you metabolism rate increases.

2. Environment hygiene- Reduces plastic pollution caused from pad disposal

3. Women empowerment- Generate additional income for local women in TamilNadu

Handmade with Love. Buy Local. Support Local.

Women Entrepreneur: Neeraja


Born and brought up in Temple City, Madurai she was an aspiring fashion designer during her childhood days.

After choosing her career in the same line, she had thoughts of sustainable fashion. She then decided to leave the high-paying job and started her new venture in Women's hygiene. Working towards personal health and environmental health her team started creating awareness among young girls and women to understand Menstruation better.

This is a Woman-led business, by women; for women- which supports local woman empowerment providing income to their families.


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