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Mealette wholesome Macronutrient Enriched power mix
Mealette wholesome Macronutrient Enriched power mix
Mealette wholesome Macronutrient Enriched power mix
Mealette wholesome Macronutrient Enriched power mix
Mealette wholesome Macronutrient Enriched power mix

Mealette wholesome Macronutrient Enriched power mix

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Venture Name: Gaia Fusion

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Mealette - Wholesome Macronutrient Enriched Powder Mix

Quantity : 250gm

Certification : FSSAI

Mealette is a macro-nutrient enriched powder mix ideal for a balanced diet with a perfect blend of Carbs, Proteins, & healthy Fat. It is made of Healthiest Traditional Superfoods.

  All ingredients are Natural sourced 

  Gluten Free  

  No preservatives 

  No cooking Required, Ready to consume  

  Instant Mix to any preparation 

  Suitable for all Age groups. 

Ingredients : Sprouted Ragi, Sprouted Greengram , Ground nut which are shade dried(to maintain nutritional efficacy) with powdered WALNUT(Super plant source of omega-3s ) , Cashew , Pista, Almonds and dry dates. It also has Coconut creamer, DHA, Moringa leaves powder , colostrum and Pink Himalayan salt.

Easy to Use:  

Mix with your favorite health dish or drink

Can be taken as pre workout or post workout recovery health drink to fuel up your body with right nutrients to keep you energetic and going!! 

Just Mix with water/milk, Shake and drink on the go!!

It can used as:

 Meal replacement , for a healthy weight loss.

 Pre work out or Post work out Drink . 

 Ideal to be used during Intermittent fasting.

 Immunity booster. 

READY TO EAT, INSTANT MIX ,TASTY & SUPER NUTRITIOUS MEALETTE : For all age groups and & Diabetic Friendly too. 

LOW FAT, LOW CALORIE, VEGETARIAN PRODUCT: This Healthy powder mix can be used as meal substitute & good alternative to unhealthy snacks or drinks. It promotes Heart health. Having Zero Cholesterol & Zero Trans-Fats this Diet powder mix is also good for Heart Health. So make Mealette an every day health drink !

IMMUNITY BOOSTER WITH RIGHT FULL OF MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Mealette has natural source superfoods powder mix rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamins, Iron & Magnesium. It promotes in strengthening of bones and Immunity booster.

HIGH FIBRE, GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT: Mealette contains good combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps to improve the digestive process and helps in reducing the risk of bloating, pain, constipation, and gas. It promotes healthy gut bacteria. With these health benefits & taste one should not miss MEALETTE in daily diet.

OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS: Protects and nourishes skin and hair, balance pH ,prevents muscle cramping and helps in lever functioning(Moringa leaves powder).

Ingredient Feature: Natural , Vegetarian Food Product; Package Contents: Pack of 250g Mealette

Shelf Life: Best before 12 months from the date of manufacture.

This healthy food has No artificial colors or preservatives

For people looking for Balanced diet , Meal substitute , workout drink , Intermittent fasting ,Immunity boosting drink , ready to consume/Instant, Mealette is healthiest traditional superfoods powder mix which is perfect blend of natural carbs, proteins ,healthy fats with no preservatives , no cooking required , no added colour , gluten free ready to consume and suitable for all age groups that takes care of your daily diet unlike other ragi products which needs cooking.

Recommended for above 2 years.

For Kids 2-6 years make a porridge and serve.

For above six years Add a scoop of mealette to water/milk , Shake and drink !

Women Entrepreneur: Nandini Ashwin

Gaia Fusion is built on traditional values , focusing on providing you wholesome nutrition products that can add nutritional value to your daily life. 

Gaia fusion combines the best of tradition with the innovation of technology to create healthy solutions for modern standards. We are a home grown health and nutrition company based in India that takes inspiration from traditional values to bring you the products that are pure, wholesome and made with care.

Gaia- meaning mother earth- one that nourishes us, and gives us strength. We believe that nature provides us with the healthiest of choices. The land of India is blessed with natural resources that are largely being ignored. Our traditions which have been kept alive through wisdom passed down across generations teach us to responsibly handle the great resources to which we are the keepers. 

We aim to create the demand for healthy nutritious products among all income families across India, and believe that organic and nutritional products should not come at a premium, but is a basic right that should be accessible and affordable to all. 

With this dream we set out to become a daily fixture to the culinary routines of every home across India.


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