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Premium Masala Brahma AgarBattis

Premium Masala Brahma AgarBattis (Incense Sticks)

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Venture Name: Pushpa Pujja Bhandar


Incense is the simplest, purest, and economical way to make your living space fragrant. Incense is widely described in ancient Sanskrit scriptures and has been credited for pleasing the gods.

Kesar Chandan is often used in religious ceremonies and is considered to have a great influence on cleansing and unblocking the human body's energy centers/meridians. It is antiseptic, and is wonderful for cleansing, whether you wish to clear a room or simply for cleansing your aura. 

1) Where all can you use agarbatti?

Lighting incense sticks, agarbattis, dhoop is a common practice in most Indian households. It is particularly kept and used often in alternative healing centers, Aromatherapy centers, and spas.

2) About Brahma Masala Agarbatti?

They create an atmosphere of serenity, calm peace and tranquility. These Premium Masala Battis-Brahma will enhance your pooja experience, and keep your house fragrant and fresh.

3) How it is made -

These Brahma sticks are made from 100 percent natural and completely non-toxic material. They are hand-rolled using slender sticks of natural white bamboo.

The basic features are:-

  • Duration- almost 2-3 hours
  • Weight of the pack: 200 gms
  • Fragnant smell, perfect for use

Reason to buy from us-

All the materials used in our products are good in quality, handpicked and natural. We just do not mix these materials, rather we add a pinch of our love and passion for the ultimate and homely touch in every product. From making to packaging, each and every process is done by hand to deliver the purest products because you deserve the best of everything..

Women Entrepreneur: Rashmee Ladole

Eager to know how it started?

Pushpa Pooja Bhandar was started 7 years ago by Pushpa Ladole amidst an economic crisis.

With lockdown halting physical transactions, Pushpa’s daughter, Rashmee Ladole moved her mother’s business to the digital platform. Prospering throughout her years in the commercial market, Pushpa now has been tackling some health issues with constant reassurance from her daughter Rashmee, who’s been coordinating for the last couple of years with her husband by her side.

On asking Rashmee, “How they sustained their business during a lockdown?”, she answered, “For a couple of months it was really hard to survive but after that, we tried to sell our products on WhatsApp, then mouth publicity and some other small tie-up with temples,”.

Rashmee is now a confident entrepreneur carrying her mother’s hardwork through by making pooja products with the ultimate blessing of god. With her expertise and hard work, her business is growing steadily in Pan India.


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