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Vegan Healthy Ragi Ladoo - Nutri Ball - 500 Gms - 16 Pieces - Mittikerang
Vegan Healthy Ragi Ladoo - Nutri Ball - 500 Gms - 16 Pieces - Mittikerang

Vegan Healthy Ragi Ladoo - Nutri Ball - 500 Gms - 16 Pieces

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Venture Name: EarthPoorna

Product Name: Vegan Healthy Ragi Ladoo

Ingredients for Ragi LadooRagi Flour, Dates, Almond, Peanut butter

Package Dimensions: 145*145*36mm (500gms : 16Pieces)

Taste: Sweet and Crunchy

Why EarthPoorna?

: Healthy Wholesome food products

: Best Alternative to packed food(junk) 

: Made in small batches

: Used local naturally grown Grains

: Recipe made under Guidance of Nutrition experts and Ayurveda practitioner

: Processed sugar-free

: Chemical-free

: Gluten-free

: Made with LOVE

About our setup

We have a well-trained team of local women.

The extreme level of hygiene and Cleanliness is maintained while making our products.

we have done food tasting of our products from govt lab to get the correct nutrition value of our products.

we are a registered company with FSSAI.

Tips: After you received your box, please keep your ladoo in air tight container at home. No need to refrigerate it. It will be good if consumed in 6 weeks after manufacturing date.

We Believe in

“उदर भरण नोहे, जाणिजे यज्ञ कर्म”

Don't think it is an action of filling belly, consider it as worship of the God or a sacred act of consuming healthy meal for complete digestion.'

Food is the source of all our energy & life forces, and the quality of our life is determined by the quality of the food that we eat, so we should strive to eat wholesome & healthy food.

Women Entrepreneur: Sucheta Bhandare

Working for sustainable development of women farmers and providing wholesome, healthy food for the people.

Ragi and other materials are Procured from women farmers from various parts of Maharashtra and Goa.

Sucheta says: I grew up in a farmer's family. Me and my siblings used to help our parents with some farm activities. I have seen all processes very closely and one thing I noticed is that the farm-to-market gap, which causes many problems. This problem has various reasons, but ultimately farmers are the one who suffers because of this issue. 

We are solving this dual problem. Working for sustainable development of farmers and providing wholesome, healthy food for our customers.


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