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Dates Ragi Bar (Pack of 5)
Dates Ragi Bar (Pack of 5)
Dates Ragi Bar (Pack of 5)

Dates Ragi Bar (Pack of 10)

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100% natural, this bar is an excellent source of calcium for Vegans.

Grab one as you start your day, or any time you feel like eating something healthy and filling.

Despite being tightly packed, you’ll experience the flavor of every ingredient separately as you bite into this refreshing little snack.


• Strengthens your muscles, bones and joints. Great for osteoporosis and osteo arthritis.

• Prevents anemia.

• Lowers blood cholesterol levels.

• Improves immunity and aids recovery

• High fibre, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

• Gluten-free & Vegan.

Ingredients - Dates (38%), Dry Coconut, Ragi (9%), Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Amaranth seeds, Dry dates, Edible gum, Flax seeds, Muskmelon seeds, Chia seeds.

Shelf life - 3 months

Allergies- Contains nuts and seeds


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