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Indian Damask Rose Toner- 12 ml Mini Roll On (Pack of 5)
Indian Damask Rose Toner- 12 ml Mini Roll On (Pack of 5)
Indian Damask Rose Toner- 12 ml Mini Roll On (Pack of 5)

Indian Damask Rose Toner- 12 ml Mini Roll On (Pack of 5)

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Biobud Rose toner- Mini Roll On is made up of fresh handpicked Indian Damask Roses straight from Kodaikanal, The Princess of Hills. It is 100 % steam distilled Rose extract made fresh in small batches.

If you are reading this after 10:00 pm, then you should definitely use it.

Why because, if you are sleep deprived, stressed with work, or tensed due to some reason, we have your savior.

Planning to get something for her or for him? Show some care for their skin.

Why you should use Biobud Rose toner?

Unlike the regular toners which are loaded with chemical, Biobud toners are

1.Sulphate free

2.Cruelty free and vegan

3.Freshly made and can be used for upto 6 months (Store in cool dry place)

4.For all skin types

5.Transparent and clear

6.Can be used in your face mask.

👉Reduces eye puffiness

👉Soothes your skin

👉Treats acne

👉Tightens the skin pores

👉 Hydrates the skin

Use after cleansing the skin with natural exfoliator and apply the toner on to your skin keeping it few inches away from the skin. Pat gently and apply moisturizer for best results

It is never late to take care of yourselves.

Good night and sleep tight

Women Entrepreneur: Neeraja


Born and brought up in Temple City, Madurai she was an aspiring fashion designer during her childhood days.

After choosing her career in the same line, she had thoughts of sustainable fashion. She then decided to leave the high-paying job and started her new venture in Women's hygiene. Working towards personal health and environmental health her team started creating awareness among young girls and women to understand Menstruation better.


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