The Journey of 365 Days at Mitti Ke Rang. From 0 to 5,281 Orders in 2021

The Journey of 365 Days at Mitti Ke Rang. From 0 to 5,281 Orders in 2021

We have come too far, since we started the e-commerce platform in January 2021. We had never imagined it will be such an amazing year.

Where we will be able to generate so much impact into the lives of our women entrepreneurs.

Shipped to more than 250+ cities and 5 countries

The entire impact we were able to create because of each one of you who supported and believed in Mitti Ke Rang. Even though we were so new to this e-commerce space. This was surely an adventurous one year. But it was worth it at the end.

Below we have documented what all we have achieved in each month of 2021.

This is how it all started --

January - Launch of the Ecommerce Platform for women entrepreneurs

Since January 2020, we have started receiving calls/emails/social Dms from all over India. Once we rolled out the application form in December.

We did not have much experience in running a marketplace. But, We wanted to help, so we jumped with no plan or experience in E-commerce. We knew a bit of technology, and we had a powerful community of people like you who supported Mitti Ke Rang.

In January we received more than 100+ applications and we started to onboard them. 

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact


February - Women Entrepreneurs meetups - 20+ Cities - 300+ Women attended.

Learning from our past experience of conducting meetups for women entrepreneurs. Which helped them to network, learn and collaborate. We decided to start it again.

We rolled out forms for respective cities. Happy to share that we were able to conduct 30+ Women Entrepreneurs meetups. In more than 20+ Cities attended by 300+  Women Entrepreneurs.

The Mitti Ke Rang Women entrepreneurs community. Has an intention to build a tied knitted network of like-minded, entrepreneurial women.

Join us in making Women Entrepreneurs Meetups a massive success. And help us create a platform for women where they can help Connect, Network & Grow.

A lot of women entrepreneurs then got onboarded on our eCommerce platform. After attending and getting to know about Mitti Ke Rang’s work.


March - Holi Campaign - 500+ Boxes - Generated more than 1 Lakh INR For Women entrepreneurs from Uttarakhand

In 18 days, Mitti Ke Rang sold 500 color boxes across India. Through which they were able to generate. More than Rs 1 lakh for women entrepreneurs of Help Foundation in Uttarakhand.

It all started with Holi colors.

While talking to our women entrepreneur from Uttarakhand. She mentioned they are facing difficulties in selling Holi colors. We discussed her challenges within the MKR team.

We thought, let's try if we can help them with some promotions which would convert to sales. Our fear was we won't be able to sell a single box. To be honest, our fear was stronger than our hope.

We gave an honest attempt. Thanks to our wonderful team we could get an order for 500 Boxes in 15 days.

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact - Holi - mitti ke rang


April - Dedicated 24-hour campaign. Generated more than 1,50,000 INR revenue with 326 orders from across India.

Where we kept a target to sell 30 products each day.

This experiment turned out to be super successful. In April alone, we generated 326 orders worth 1,50,000+ INR. We kept improving day by day and made sure the customer experience was better and better.

The Jute Laptop bag was our first product in the campaign. We are marching ahead with more varieties of products and maintaining diversity.

The primary lesson we learned is - Our job is to publish the product. & not speculating which one will generate more orders.

 women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact


May - Menstruation Day - Let's talk period - Supporting lives & Livelihood and at once. 

To Improve access to Sanitary pads. We did Sanitary Pad Drive. The objective was to support the entrepreneur and give access to better health to young women who currently can not afford pads. 

Can you lend a pad? 

Supporting rural women entrepreneurs with Sanitary Pads for a year. Made by women entrepreneurs, which in turn creates livelihood opportunities to earn a decent amount in COVID.

We are assisting our local women entrepreneurs with sanitation Pads for menstruation. And kindly note this is not for one time. But for a longer period.

Along with livelihood now we are moving one step ahead to assist them with menstruation Hygiene.

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact - sanitary pads - hygiene


June - 870 orders - 5,00,000 + INR Revenue - 120 Days ( From January 01 to 30th June)

 The journey from Zero to 5 Lakhs in 120 days!

This big opportunity has not only given them a sense of confidence and independence but has also helped them earn more than 5 Lakh INR in just 120 Days.

We, at MKR, are blessed to have such amazing women entrepreneurs. They are ready to go the extra step to make the customer experience more awesome.

Couldn't be more thankful to all the customers for believing in us with their orders, even though we were so new to this. They showed lots of patience when it came to delays of shipment due to COVID. And, nothing can be more joyful than seeing that we have 150+ repeat customers.

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact


July -  Capacity Building and trained 100+ Women Entrepreneurs with digitization for their business.

We learned a lot in 120 days. We realized there is an enormous gap of knowledge, information & expertise in execution. To fill up the gap, we started a weekly meet every Friday with women entrepreneurs.

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact


August - 1st International Shipping to Australia & Belgium

All the way to Australia & Belgium - So happy to see the products by Ekam in this container, our first-ever shipment which will sail all the way to Europe.

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact

September - 30+ Corporate Companies Trusted with their corporate gifting.

It was a great moment for us when we received so many orders from corporate for their gifting. 

It not only helped us generate more livelihood for our women entrepreneurs. But also reach so many new people with the initiative of supporting women entrepreneurs with eCommerce platforms to sell their products. 

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact


October - Partnered 50+ NGOs/SHG local groups from all over India for Diwali

Milestone achieved - 3000+ orders per month

Over the years we have observed. That a few weeks before Diwali the demand goes high. Due to which the respective group is unable to process that due to time limitations.

To solve that, we started with onboarding from across India on Mitti Ke Rang (MKR) Platform. Small steps towards Small business run by women entrepreneurs. 

Social Impact - Diwali gifts that give back to society - How to convert your purchase to someone/s livelihood?

women entrepeneurs -Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact - Diwali

November - Resellers Community

The community at Mitti Ke Rang supports the women entrepreneurs with sales and massive reach for their products. This will also help many people who wish to start a business but can't, by becoming a reseller at MKR.

You can be an Entrepreneur too. Without a shop/inventory & Investment. Can share the site link or specific products with your customers. 

You can source the products from the Mitti Ke Rang website  made by Women Entrepreneurs from across India and they are around 500+

women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact - resellers

December - 365 Days - 5281 orders - Shipped to more than 250+ cities, and 5 countries

Yes, you read that right - This is the impact you created in just 2021.

Added 30+ Categories and more than 2000+ Products uploaded on our Ecommerce Website by Women entrepreneurs from More than 100+ cities and 25 states from across India.

Let your near and dear ones know about the impact you have created in the life of women & their families. Don't forget to visit the platform and hunt for some amazing and unique products. You won't regret it. 

To Support & Order - Shipping all over India visit Mitti Ke Rang

 women entrepeneurs - Livelihood - sell online - ecommerce - support - social impact

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Amit – Kudos to you and your entire team. Wishing you a great journey ahead


Amit – The example of absolute Awesomeness!


What a journey…. MKR has set a new example nothing is impossible. Great platform for our women to showcase their skills thereby making them financially independent & gaining self respect. Looking forward for more such wonderful creations. All the best MKR…. The journey has just begun….. Long way to go :)

Shamir Waskar

Excellent work


Excellent work


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